Because we care about how our activities affect the environment, maintaining environmentally-friendly production is an important part of the DUNET strategy.

Therefore we use the most environmentally-friendly technologies and equipment we can.

We constantly monitor the effects of our activities on the environment, and we maintain legally defined limits.

Because we use high-quality materials and maintain proper processes, our products also meet hygienic regulations and standards.


Our company also takes part in the “Green Company” project for eco-friendly processing of electronics waste.

Both the company overall and its employees and their families participate help eagerly with electronics waste sorting. Sorting plastics and paper has been a matter of course for our company for several years as well..

Our goal is a responsible, and above all active, approach towards protecting the environment.




The company EKO-KOM, a. s., hereby asserts that DUNET s. r. o. has closed a contract on joint fulfilment with EKO-KOM, a. s., that it is integrated into the EKO-KOM Joint Fulfilment System, and that it is thus fulfilling its duties to ensure the take-back and utilization of packaging waste.

DUNET s.r.o. is utilizing EKO-KOM, contract no. EK-F00022933, as its contractual provider within the joint fulfilment system under Czech packaging law.




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