Glasswasher DUNETIC Comfort


The DUNETIC Comfort is a non-electric manual device for washing restaurant glassware, with a zero energy demand and low water consumption.

The DUNETIC Comfort excels by its special adjustable rotary rinsing system, providing maximum comfort when washing both typical and atypical restaurant glassware.

The DUNETIC Comfort washer operates only on the principle of cold water principle, whereby the hygienic cleaning of the washed glassware is ensured by special washing tablets and a liquid preparation. Thanks to our washer, you will also reduce water consumption compared to classic washing in a washing-up basin, as the clean water rinse is activated only when the glassware is actually being washed. For everyday operation, its indisputable advantage is also the easy dismantling of the washer into individual components which can be quickly and efficiently washed, and assembled again.

Due to its size, the device is suitable for use in most classic washing-up basins.

The use of exclusively high quality materials which are not harmful to health, manual completion, and functionality testing of every device, contribute to a long lifespan and problem-free use of the DUNETIC Comfort washer.





Non-electric manual device for washing restaurant glassware, with adjustable spray for greater washing comfort

Also suitable for washing beer glasses with handles, i.e. the 1L beer glasses 

Functionality based on the principle of cold water pressure 

Zero energy demand = energy savings

Considerable saving of water thanks to its economical washing system

More hygienic than classic washing in a washing-up basin

Simple and fast operation, easy cleaning 

Manual completion and testing of every machine's functionality 

A wide assortment of individual replacement parts

Made in the EU from high quality materials which are not harmful to health

A Czech product

Warranty and post-warranty service



Technical data:


Dimensions in cm: L 38, W 20, H 36

Weight: 2.5 kg



Recommended products:


Genuine DUNETIC Plus washing tablets and 1kg / 3kg of DUNETIC Liquid product provide disinfection while washing the glassware








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